Saturday, December 6, 2008

Summer World Sweet World

It's out! This lovely magazine has made it to Issue 4, and thus through one whole year - with ever increasing distribution figures.

As usual, WSW is full of brilliant, creative ideas - including a scheme for Carbon Action Brownie Badges

I have an article in there on using wild blackberries. Since it was mid-spring when I wrote it, I had to trial the recipes using bought, packaged, frozen ones. They were nice, but had seeds the size of pebbles! And they were 'Packed from New Zealand and/or imported ingredients' - so they were undoubtedly injected with melamine, painted with lead paint, and treated with formaldehyde.

But at least they were 'Supervised and Approved as Kosher'.

I can't wait for the true blackberry season to arrive. Shouldn't be long. The blackberry bushes near our house already have some flowers ...

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