Monday, December 8, 2008

Transition Towners in World Sweet World

Also in the latest issue of World Sweet World is an article I wrote about the Transition Towns (TT) movement in New Zealand. It contains micro-interviews with a small selection of TT members from around the country.

Most of them have their own personal websites and blogs:

James Samuel - NZ's national TT co-ordinator - lives on Waiheke Island. His blog is Yesterday's Future.

Deirdre Kent is an amazing woman and a long-time sustainability activist with particular expertise in alternative currencies. Her blog, which focuses on her book Healthy Money Healthy Planet, is Local Currencies.

Hirini Reedy is a compelling voice and has his website here.

Kazel Cass is a young mum who co-ordinates the Opotiki TT group. She makes use of the blog facility on the national TT website here.

Rimu Atkinson co-ordinates my local TT group (Wellington South). When I'm out I often see him whizzing past on his electric scooter. His TT blog is here. He also has another blog which I don't think you will understand a word of unless you are a computer geek. :)

is a member of TT in Kapiti, and I'm always linking to her blog for many and varied reasons. :) But here she is again - at A Satisfying Journey Towards Simplicity.


bob banner said...

can you send us your article on TT since we are also doing a mag about TRANSIITON TIMES. Check us out at we may wish to reprint it. I dont see it online

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Bob - HopeDance is very inspiring. I'll send you the article. (Looking at HopeDance, I'm not completely sure it is the kind of thing you'd use, but if you would like to, I'd be very happy for you to.)