Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race relations: two women's optimism

I'm going to leave this topic alone for a while after this. But I wanted to post one more time on it and link to transcripts of talks by two brilliant women - one Maori, one Pakeha - both blunt, provocative, and cautiously optimistic.

Each talks about the ongoing problems inherent in this country's race relations, and then proposes the beginnings of a way forward.

Professor Ani Mikaere gave this lecture in 2004.

Dr Avril Bell gave this talk in 2007.

I found both transcripts hugely helpful to read all the way through - both for the work on the Puke Ariki War exhibition, and for my own personal reasons.

I don't quite know where to go with all this stuff now, but one of the main messages of the exhibition is intended to be 'keep listening, thinking, talking and debating'. That, at least, can be done.