Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Supporting Canterbury small business

I've started a small temporary blog, putting together a list of Canterbury small businesses that it would be good to support post the quake. So far lots of gorgeous crafts and craft supplies, lovely seeds and plants, and more.

It'll be in blog format for a while, then when I find out about a few more businesses, I'll convert it to a categorised list,  and try and promote it a wee bit more widely.

The blog is here - http://chchsmallbusinesses.blogspot.com/

If nothing else, I'm enjoying discovering more exciting small businesses and businesspeople through putting this list together.

I'm not in any way saying people should drop all support for their own local businesses to support the Canterbury businesses, but I know that if a disaster hit that impacted my own business, I'd porbably be keen for a bit of extra buyer support while things got up and running again! :)

If you know of any Canterbury businesses you'd like to see get some extra buyer support from round the country, please let me know!