Monday, November 24, 2008

Foraging update

My good friend Lynda organised a Weed Walk yesterday for the Wellington region members of our foraging email list. Unfortunately for me, life stuff got in the way, and I couldn't go.

The walk was led by this Kapiti couple. Nikki has blogged about it here.

It sounds like a lovely afternoon! I wish I could have gone.

Still - I'm slightly consoled by having just found a fantastic article! It's Cultural Uses of New Zealand Native Plants by Sue Scheele at Landcare Research, who keeps a valuable database of this information.

It's a pdf file, and I haven't managed to get a direct link to it to work from my blog yet, so if you'd like it, just go to this address:


Nikki said...

Hi Johanna, it was a shame that you missed it, but we'd all love to show you around next time you're up here. I can't get that link to work - I can only view the contents page. I tried looking on their site for the document, but wasn't sure where to look since there seems to be quite a bit on there.

Johanna Knox said...

Would love to be shown around - and I still want to see wild carrot too!

Sorry about the link - I've fixed it now.