Saturday, November 29, 2008

Elderflower and water kefir - a yummy duo!

Just had to share ...

On a whim, I mixed a bit of our elderflower syrup into some very tart already-brewed water kefir - and I tell you, it is DELICIOUS!

A quick google revealed that the combination of elderflower and kefir is not stunningly original, but it was new to me anyhow!

(And in passing I noticed some sites talking about the cosmetic applications of kefir . Anyone know anything much about that?)


Sharonnz said...

Oh yum!! That definitely sounds worth trying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Johanna! I never even new this plant is growing in NZ. Have fond memories of making Jam with the berries and drinking my FIL's home made wine......Would love to get hold of a tree. Is very medicinal. Tea of leaves for blood cleansing,boiled berries benifit immune system, berry sirup helps the sore throat and fends fever in flu. It is said that in middle-Europe young girls hang a bunch of elderflowers behind their bed on night of the the 21st of June. It is said their future husband will reveal them selves then in a dream...... Warm Regards Esther

Johanna Knox said...

Ht Esther - thanks for this info. It seems to grow well in Wellington. I've been told it doesn't grow quite as easily further north where it's warmer, although it is still possible.

I wonder if Heather is reading this? :)

I love all those old 'find out your true love' traditions!

I made an elderflower tincture to save for winter (just with vodka), but it was before I figured out how to get the bugs out of the flowers, so it is really more an elderflower-and-bug tincture!!!

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Sharon - love to hear if you enjoy it. How is your kefir doing?