Monday, October 20, 2008

My jar runneth over

Oops. Ruth's Westport sourdough starter is clearly rearing to go!

Thanks heaps Ruth. It made the trip well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Johanna,

I made a great Sour dough bread yesterday! Absolutely devine. Nice and fluffy and with a slight sour 'after'taste. So my starter worked out okay this time. It did however never look as active as yours did on the photo. I enclose a great link to a site I came across about sourdough baking. You may find it ineresting.

Kind Regards Esther R.

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Esther - oh that's so cool it turned out well! I think congratulations must be in order. :o)

Yes - very impressed with the activity of Ruth's sourdough!! She sent it in a ziplock bag which worked really well, but I didn't transfer it quickly enough into a jar after I received it, and it split the bag! (I didn't tell you that Ruth - lol.)

Really looking fwd to using it asap (which is why I left it out of the fridge this time - in preparation! Just haven't had any breadmaking time over the last fortnight or so.)

Thanks for the weblink too, Esther - and also would love to hear more of your starter, if it changes over time etc.??

Ruth said...

lol, wow, you must be busy! or apprehensive to take the leap into the unknown about how the sourdough is going to turn out lol. It literally takes me 5 mins to make our sourdough bread..this is what we do:
put flour in a bowl (we mix organic white and wholemeal, add sourdough and mix, add water, mix, put some back in jar for next time and then add salt. done! And then we let it sit overnight and in the morning, good to bake. result for us is perfect sourdough bread loaves.
p.s, so funny it split the bag!! I'm so proud :)

Johanna Knox said...

Oh gosh, really Ruth? You don't even knead it?

I did try one of those really wet no-knead recipes recently, but I couldn't get a texture that the family were happy with.

Kneading for me is one of those things I don't really look fwd to, although I quite like once I start doing it ...

Ruth said...

yes, really! I guess the textures would be like a bran muffin mix before leaving to rise etc...although, of course you can experiment. We love the texture of's kind of becomes like the old *norths bread* unsliced loaves (iykwim) after about 2 days? We love it!

Johanna Knox said...

Okay - I'll definitely try that. First I want to make sourdough pancakes with it though. I've wanted to try making them for ages, and never got round to it before - so I will use your sourdough to do it! :o)

Ruth said...

thanks for the inspiration to use sd for other things. we made sd ciabatta yesterday - delicioso!