Friday, October 17, 2008

Foraging on National Radio tomorrow

Something fun I did this week was go foraging around the nearby park with Simon Morton from This Way Up. (Thank you Hannah, for making that happen.)

I think it will end up as a 10-minute piece, going to air on his show sometime between noon and 1pm tomorrow.

I will probably sit all scrunched up and grimacing with a cushion over my face, hoping I don't sound as much of a dick as I think I did.

At least he's promised to edit out my mad rantings about eating bugs.


Lynda Eichler said...

Hey Johanna - that's fantastic. I'll be all ears. Nigel heard the promo about this and told me. I tried to find the programme on-line, but couldn't find any specifics as I was thinking of notifying the wildforaging email group but in the end didn't feel I had my facts straight - and then read your blogg! LOL.

Ruth said...

oh, great! Will keep an ear out.

Anna Wilde said...

Hi there Johanna
This information is wonderful! Well done for getting it up there and out there. I was especially thrilled to hear the interview with you, because, aside from being keen foragers, my husband and i are publishing a cookbook with New Holland next year, along the lines of healthy food for busy people, (only two foraging recipes; wild weed pesto, and steamed puha with sesame).We also have a quite popular website Our newsletter subscribers and past participants in cooking classes would benefit from your practical research. So we'll write a newsletter pointing in your direction. We'll also put your blog in the resource list of our book.
be well
PS We also know Alessandra and Andrew Crowe.

Johanna Knox said...

HI Lynda and Ruth - thanks for positive comments!!

Anna - lovely to get your comment. What a great website you have. I'll sub to your newsletter and add a link!

Free said...

That was great Johanna!
You've inspired me to make onion weed fritters for lunch :D

Nikki said...

Oh, I missed this! Is it online anywhere? Have you previously posted the onion weed recipe?

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Nikki - it's online at

Anonymous said...

Hi, Johanna - I've just listened to you on the national radio. I'm glad I couldn't sleep til this hour (4:30am?). I'll try eating that weed I've been trying to get rid of for months from my garden; and try planting 'wild onions,' too. Thanks for the show.

Johanna Knox said...

lol - thanks a lot for your kind comment. Hope you are getting some better sleep now though. :o)

(Chamomile tea and valerian work for me!)