Friday, October 24, 2008

A post on the run ...

So many things I have been planning to post about, but work is full on right now, and everything made more tricky by having a broken ankle.

(I can't even carry my own cups of tea from the kitchen to my desk. I've taken to drinking iced coffee with lots of ice-cream in it, because it's the only thing that doesn't slop out of the cup when I hop. Yes - the sacrifices I am making! ;o)

Anyway, just quickly, I wanted to say I heard from Heather, who has made a solar cooked pavlova. Such a cool idea, and I feel very inspired to follow her lead and try one as well.

She is also an industrial chemist, and has an interesting blog about the things we use in daily life that rely on oil for their manufacture.


Heather said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate your support.

--Heather :-)

Free said...

Hi Johanna :)

This is actually a comment for your wild picnic yummy stuff blog, but the openID thing isn't working and it wont let me leave a comment with the name/url thing like I do here.

The plants for a future database site has used their monthly allowance so no one can get into it - that stuffs up a lot of your links! A bummer, coz I really want to see that site.

Love that you're writing about all the stuff I want info about!!

Johanna Knox said...

Thanks heaps for letting me know about the link - I've put a note up about it.

I've fiddled with the comments settings too, so hopefully that has fixed the problem??