Thursday, April 16, 2009

Independence Days Challenge

Right, I'm going to start doing this. (Nikki has been doing it already for quite a while.)

It's a challenge set by Sharon Astyk to spur people on to make greater positive progress towards preparedness for economic difficulties and peak oil issues.

So, my goal is each day to do at least one thing that fits into one of these categories:

* Plant Something
* Harvest Something
* Preserve Something
* Store Something
* Manage Reserves
* Cook Something New
* Prep Something
* Reduce Waste
* Learn a New Skill
* Work on Community Food Security
* Regenerate What Is Lost

An explanation of each of the categories is here. (I like 'Prep Something' - it's a good catch all for anything that doesn't fit into any other category!)

Who else is doing this challenge? Would love to hear from other NZers doing it.


Matthew and Tara said...

Hi Johanna,
I really enjoy your site and all of the information you share. The piece about Solar cooking is fascinating. I recently started a small food storage business and have created a website dedicated to helping people build up their emergency food supply. I was wondering if you would be willing to put a link to our site from yours. Our site is Feel free to check it out and see what you think. If this is something that you are interested in please contact me at this email address ( and we would be glad send you some of our product. Thanks,

Bron said...

I would dearly love to give this a go, we achieve a few of them already for sure, but all of them everyday? Help! lol.. I already struggle keeping good balance ..hehe

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

You've got me thinking Johanna! Thanks. Here is my response:

Nikki said...

LOL Johanna, you're my little motivator on my shoulder to get me to get back into this properly eh? But, after my email to you listing what I need to do, I will write it up properly today and start ticking the things off! Thanks!

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Matthew and Tara - your food storage business looks great - all the best with it!!! (Maybe a bit too far away for me in NZ - but I really like it.)

Bron - lol, no, no, you just have to do one of them each day, or even one a week if that suits better :o) You would have the one a day thing covered well already I would imagine!!!

Sandra - I love your new blog - and strongly agree with what you say ... better go comment over there when I get a chance ...

Nikki - ha - yeah, there's nothing like someone broadcasting to the world what you're doing to keep the pressure on. (Take note, Maureen C if you are reading this . ;o)