Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour, and getting ready to go fridgeless

We will do Earth Hour tonight I think, yes. But Keith Ng makes some very good points about it on his blog at Public Address.

I'm getting excited about the challenge of going fridgeless, and heard from a friend last night that she is thinking of doing it too.

Also, I have really appreciated some comments from Kate about it, containing great ideas and advice. I'm especially interested in the Nigerian invention of zeer pots, and the cooling possibilities of evaporation.

But the first step is to start using up everything in our fridge's freezer box, in preparation for switching off. (I recently started stocking up on frozen stuff, so this is a bit of a reversal and it'll take some time to get through everything that's stashed in there ...)


Ruth said...

yay, soo cool! or not as cool,[bad pun, lol].

Shell (in NZ) said...

Ooh, be sure to blog all about it because I would like to get there too. Not sure *how* exactly...a few things come to raw milk? But I'm guessing it is just a matter of having a cool place to store them in...seriously is the fridge any colder than our house in winter? Lol...but our next house will be really warm.

We won;t be buying bread any more so don;t need freezer space for that...the only thing I have really is stock, meat, ice cream (but that's stopping),- though when I make our own it will be too much for one night- or maybe not, lol), and frozen berries.

Shell (in NZ) said...

Oh, that link was hilarious...exactly what I think too.

You know? They asked me at the library if we were going to do earth hour, and I said yes, but we woudl be turning off all power since the lightbulbs was a nothing...and she gave me a free ecobulb- with a flyer about it. It said that if every lightbulb in NZ was changed to these, the energy saving woudl be $5 billion over the life of the bulbs (which I think could be up to 8 years, so it is an important small-printed addition)...but wow...that's amazing.

Heather said...

Not wanting to rain on your parade, but how humid is it in Wellington? Evaporative cooling (like zeer pots) doesn't work in a humid environment. I know that No Impact Man had no luck with it in NYC, and I wouldn't bother trying it here in Auckland, but there are a family having good success with it in Wanganui and I was following some people living in a desert environment in the US who di dwell with it. The simplest evaporative cooler is putting the container to be kept cool into a bowl of water - might want to try that to see if it works in your climate before getting fancy.


--Heather from Auckland

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Heather - feel free to rain on my parade anytime. Some parades need to be rained on! ;o) That's useful info - thank you!

My feeling is that Wellington is very erratic as far as humidity goes. (In summer anyway). It's not as reliably humid as AK, but certainly has a few stiflingly humid days in summer. I guess I'll have to look into that more.

Meantime, okay, I'm all for simplicity. I'll start with the water!