Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Calling all eco-brides, grooms, and civil union partners!

Does anyone know someone who has recently had, or is in the throes of planning an eco-wedding - or civil union - of some sort? And would be willing to be interviewed?

I'm planning to write an article about eco or DIY weddings/civil unions for World Sweet World. I *may* have to focus on brides (for the pure and simple reason that grooms so far seem to prefer not to be featured!) ... But that's open to revision.

An eco/DIY ceremony could mean - utilising 2nd hand clothes and other resources; making a lot of the necessary stuff yourself (or having friends make it); serving organic and/or local food; asking for ethical and sustainable gifts ... and a host of other things.

The wonderful Ruth has already agreed to be interviewed - she is busy making all sorts of cool things for her upcoming wedding.

Does anyone know anyone else? If so, I would love it if they could contact me at johanna dot knox at gmail dot com ...

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