Thursday, October 30, 2008

More good things in the mail

On a NZ email list I'm on, some of us decided to do a seed swap. Here are some of the goodies I've received in the mail - from Esther, Jackie, Karen, and Madz, who are all keen seed savers. (Unlike me. I really need to learn more about seed saving.)

In return, I sent out some Caspian Sea yoghurt and little sundew seedlings.

Actually that book on using natural plant dyes is from Lishelle, and wasn't officially part of the swap. It just arrived in our mailbox out of the blue. Lishelle had been cleaning out her garage and thought I might like it. (She's like that! :o)

I'm especially interested in dying with wild plants. So far I have only tried blackberries (nice pinks and purples). Next I have designs on a large local fennel plant for some yellows and greens.


Ruth said...

Have just taken a book back to the library called "Eco Dyes" or similar...very lovely book. The book is an art work in itself. It's by an Australian woman. I recommend tracking it down, very cool.

Ruth said...


by India Flint

Eco Colour: Environmentally Sustainable Dyes

I loved this book so much I had to post again!

Johanna Knox said...

Thanks - I'll look it up. Is that her real name do you suppose? It's a very colourful inky dye-ish kind of name.. lol.