Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scented yarn and beads for sale!

I've just taken the leap into selling handmade craft supplies. So far I've got a very small range of handspun yarn and beads available -  all scented one way or another with beautiful quality essential oils, absolutes, and extracts. (All natural botanicals - no synthetic fragrances).

I sold my first skein of wool and packet of beads at a small craft fair in the Wairarapa on the weekend, and other items are available at my new blog - Argot Bazaar ...

I'm in the throes of setting up a shop on Felt.

What I hope for is to have lots of fun experimenting with and learning new things in spinning and bead-making and fragrance - and to produce some appealing raw materials that others will see potential in for their own creations - and for it all to somewhat pay its way! (Well, okay, maybe the paying its own way bit is kinda over optimistic ...) I'll be adding new things to the site often.


Bron said...

Johanna they look absolutely luscious! Well done you... now tell me how do you stop yourself from nibbling those chocy beads?! ;)

Sharonnz said...

How awesome! (Still need to reply to your email re yarn/spinning/knitting/etc!)

Johanna Knox said...

Thanks Sharon - just when you have time - no pressure!! :)

And thanks Bron, too. Well, after making those beads I almost felt like I'd eaten chocolate, without having eaten chocolate. Hmmm ... there's a selling point. :)

Ruth said...

Johanna - this is great! Sooo great to see your creativity coming out in this beautiful wool - and it smells devine?? ok, this makes me seriously want to learn how to knit more than scarves.

I have been away so I missed all the perfume posts but it all sounds beautiful.