Saturday, July 17, 2010

Geraniums ... I mean Pelargoniums!

We went foraging for these round the neighbourhood last week, and it's on This Way Up at 12.20 today.

The scented species of these plants are especially amazing. There's a huge 'rose geranium' bush down the road from me, whose leaves I've been tincturing for their fragrance; and I've just bought some apple-scented geraniums.

I mean pelargoniums.

I've written more about this group of plants at Wild Picnic.


Nik said...

Mmm, love my rose geranium (err pelargonium lol). Easy to grow from cutting too.

Johanna Knox said...

Yes, I might have to nick a few bits from the plant down the road for cuttings ...:)

Jessicah said...

My only experience with geraniums stems back to 6th form english where we read the short story 'the geranium' and were subjected to the stench of a red geranium growing on the teachers desk for weeks. To this day I can't stand their smell, and insisted on pulling them all out of the garden when we bought our house. They had grown quite prolifically from prunings out the back. So there must be a geranium with a lovlier scent!!

And thanks for stopping by spinning a yarn- lovely to have you comment. I think the great thing about the tea towels is by the time I get sick of it, I'll be able to move it into circulation, and find another great print to replace it!

have a happy day :)