Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eco-houses, spinning wheels, and family pride

I can't resist. My mum and my sister have been doing some cool things - and I really want to link to them.

My sister and her partner are building a gorgeous eco-house in a suburb near us, and my sister has just a started a series of blogposts that explain some of the issues around the build and the choices they've made. Here's her first post on that - exploring timber treatments.  I for one am a lot more enlightened about the ins and outs of treated wood now!

Meanwhile my mother is marketing her book and website about New Zealand spinning wheels, and was interviewed about it by Granny at http://www.grannygcrafts.com/  You can listen to the podcast there, or visit my mum's website.

Speaking of the passions and pastimes that drive us, I have been bursting to write a series of posts about natural fragrance ... I hope to do it soon!


Gillybean said...

Cool, I'll be sure to check out those links sometime when the teenage son isn't pressing me for his computer time. Looking foward to the natural fragrance post. I love Lemon Verbina fragrance but can't seem to capture it in a traditional macerated cream. Any ideas?

Kelly said...

Eco houses - love them! My Dad builds mud brick houses on Waiheke Island - it's taken him to Fiji(most years) and Niue to teach locals how to make the bricks.

The fragrance sachets you included with the wool you sent me are wonderful - I have one in my fabric stash now. So I too am looking forward to that post!

Johanna Knox said...

Sorry for such delayed replies! Have been awol from the blogosphere...

Gillybean, I dont know much about lemon verbena (except that a friend made a delicious iceream from it once!) What method are you following? Are you infusing oil with the lemon verbena and then making cream from the infusion?

Kelly, that's awesome about what your dad does!