Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is unspeakably awesome

 Have you seen it?



Ruth said...

woa, that's crazy! So in NZ a person is born every 8 minutes and a person dies every 18 minutes! I didn't realise there was that big a contrast.

Kelly said...

that is amazing! I was wondering why there was a constant flash over India - a birth every 1.2 seconds!

Johanna Knox said...

I find it quite mesmerising!!

Ruth - yes - I hadn't even thought about birth rates vs death rates in that way before I looked at it.

And like you Kelly, took me a while to fully see what was happening on the site. By the way, your yarn really is in the post now!!! I hope it arrives soon. :)

Madz said...

whoa! NZ's birth to death ratio is soo far apart comared to other countries... we have such a comparitively slow birth/death rate even compared to Aussie (those root bags!! lol)

Johanna Knox said...

Madz - lol :)