Friday, April 3, 2009

Taking apples for the food bank

I went along with my Mum to the City Mission today, to drop off some surplus apples from my Dad's orchard.

The woman at reception was very pleased and said that fresh produce was a 'luxury' that they don't often get. It made me think that when we have enough in our garden, I'll try and make regular trips down there to donate stuff myself.

If anyone's interested in donating their produce I've given some more details about the wheres and whens at the Slow Food website.


Sandra said...

Wonderful news Johanna. I notice that I've moved from mostly handing garden produce and outgrown children's clothes to friends for whom it is a bonus to knowing people who are struggling badly and giving it to them. I have considered making a weekly commitment to donating to the food bank.

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Sandra - interesting what you say about the change in who you give things to. Yes, it makes sense.

I think a regular commitment to a food bank would be a great thing. It would feel good, and more personal, to be forging an ongoing relationship, rather than just doing a one-off 'good deed'.