Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jim Salinger's sacking

There are many murmurings on the Wellington grapevine about managers on powertrips ... It seems to me right now that this may be the most likely reason for JS's sacking. (Although I remain open to changing my mind.)

Nonetheless, it's a very bad look for NIWA management politically. Given the current political context, they are going to have a hard job quelling talk of similarities between 'our Jim's' predicament and that of the other outspoken Jim in the United States.

The reasons for the sacking aside, perhaps an important question to ask at the moment is - will the net result of Jim Salinger's sacking be to reduce the quality or quantity of information on climate change that the general public receives?

If it does, then in some ways it doesn't matter
whether that's what the people who sacked him intended or not.


Anonymous said...

It is a good look for NIWA. Jim was past his use-by date. he did his phD on global warming and everyone knows the world is now cooling which is why NIWA have been so subdued of late. Glaciers are both retreating and advancing, so it can't be global warming as all are on the same globe. Jim was warned twice but still went ahead with his alarmism. NIWA has saved face.

Johanna Knox said...

And, er, which 'everyone' is that? And what is their source?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is a real-evidence based scientist, not a computer modeller science fiction alarmist member of the UN which is not a scientific body

Jez Weston said...

How about some measured data then? Recorded global temperatures, from the CRU dataset.

Yes, some glaciers are advancing, but most are retreating. The net loss of ice is at record levels, according to the World Glacier Monitoring Service. Here's their latest yearly review of the evidence.

Ruth said...

Not everyone I know knows the world is cooling, lol.
Did you watch Sunday on tv One about Gareth Morgan, right wing economist who spent his own money on hiring the best scientists he could to find out what's right about climate change? (his conclusion being: Much of the science pointing to human caused global warming is irrefutable.) Here is a link with a link to the story...