Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last week I was thrilled to bits to find a purslane plant had decided to make its home in our garden.

It planted itself next to a luffa plant that was growing in slow motion and was never going to fruit - so I pulled that out to give the purslane more room.

I'd been hoping I might find some purslane this summer. So far this is the only one I've found though. I wonder if I can propagate it?

I've put an entry on purslane up on Wild Picnic, as well as (finally) one one flax. Have also been tinkering with some other entries there.

I put a new recipe up on Wild Concoctions too.


Mariella said...

i think that plant has self-sown in our garden too! I thought it was a weed and started pulling it out, but if it is edible then I might leave the rest. It's taking over a bit though... what do you do with it? How do you eat it etc?

Johanna Knox said...

oh - lucky you! Wish I had more than one plant. You can eat it raw, steamed, casseroled, or sauteed.

It's mucilaginous like okra, so apparently it should thicken stews. Wish I had enough of it to try doing different things with ...

Mariella said...

i just saw some more of that purslane stuff growing beside the pavement in the mainstreet in town yesterday! oh joys of discovering this foraging thing... :D

how do you make your page black for the blackout internet protest thing??