Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flower fritters

This is just such a cool idea - dandelion flower fritters. We found it here at LearningHerbs.com.

The batter's really simple: a cup of flour, a cup of milk, and an egg. You just gather open dandelion flowers, dip them into the batter whole, and fry 'em up (turning once or twice till brown on both sides).

They end up crisp on the outside; juicy and just a little sweet on the inside. Yum!

We've been bingeing on them, and here's what we've learnt -

* The flowers have to be new. Older flowers get fluff in them as they start to turn into dandelion clocks.

* Some of us like them dipped in soy sauce.

* Whole onion weed flowers make great fritters too!

Also - I've been experimenting with onion flower tempura, and as soon as I get a recipe I'm happy with, I'll post it on my recipe journal site. (In the meantime I've put up our version of lemon kefir icecream.)

(25/10/08 - Update: I've put up the onion flower tempura recipe here.)


Ruth said...

Wow Johanna, how neat! Please don't feel obliged to reciprocate in sending something to me...the things you post here are little gifts each in their own right! With much gratitude, Ruth :o)

Johanna Knox said...

Oh - how nice to get your comment! A gift of a comment! x

Lynda Eichler said...

You are right, what a cool idea !! Looking forward to mowing our 1/2 acre lawns at Tangi. I'll be running before Nigel and the mower, picking all the dandelions. Can't wait to try these.

Also thanks for pointing to learningherbs.com. Great site. Would love their boardgame 'Wildcraft', Lynda X

Johanna Knox said...

lol Lynda - I love the image you paint! :o)

Wow - nice boardgame, ay! And on special! If by any chance you happen to ever buy it, you'll have some willing players here!