Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An exciting parcel

My son and I have been having a gloomy day at home sick - so it was nice to look out the window and see a parcel in the letterbox. It was the long-awaited water kefir from Rebecca.

She's painstakingly grown a jar of water kefir grains for Deb and me to split between us.

In the parcel she also included detailed instructions on looking after them (which I for one will need), PLUS a small jar of her very own Kaitaia sourdough starter.

The idea is that Rebcca and I will do a sourdough swap by post - except I'm not able to meet my end of the bargain until the weather warms up a little and I'm game to try making one again. (I started one last summer, kept it going for several weeks, and made several loaves of bread, before one day accidentally washing out the dough bowl without saving any.)

I really love this idea of swapping wild ferments from different parts of the country by post. I wonder how much the microbial colonies vary from region to region. I was fascinated to take a sniff of Rebecca's starter - it smells quite different from the way I remember mine. It's more vigorous than mine ever was, too. It was bubbling away like anything, and I had to open the jar verrrrry slowly.


Nikki said...

Sounds exciting! I can't upload pics tonight either...

Johanna Knox said...

Thanks. That's reassuring. Hopefully they'll fix it soon then.

Johanna Knox said...

Hopefully yours is working now too Nikki. Mine just started working again!

Ruth said...

Hey Johanna!
Want to do a sourdough swap sometime??
Ours has been active for 12 years... It makes the best bread. I'd be interested to compare.
:) Ruth

Johanna Knox said...

Ruth - yes - absolutely!!! 12 years - that's awesome!! I'll contact you by email.