Thursday, August 7, 2008

Being seen

Sounds like I should revise my earlier comment about having our solar cooking picnic somewhere a little out of the way. You guys who are coming - are you happy to be more visible?

I was in touch with Christine Dann briefly and she suggested having it somewhere like a waterfront where there are plenty of people out strolling.
The same day I heard from her, I looked at the Solar Cookers International wiki and its article about organising solar cooking events. It advocates promoting solar cooking by being visible and happy to chat to interested passers-by.

Christine also suggested we offer sun tea to anyone who would like to try some.

Still wondering about QE2 park as a possibility ... I don't know it well. If anyone has any thoughts on it, would love to hear.


Nikki said...

Waterfront sounds good to me!

Nikki (who *still* needs to get onto researching how to make one...)

Anonymous said...

You can build a Fun-panel solar cooker in less than an hour from a cardboard box and a few metres of aluminium foil.

Also check out the calender of events on the Solar Cooking Archive Wiki.

Tom Sponheim
Solar Cookers International