Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's have a solar cooking picnic!

Where: A large sunny park somewhere in the greater Wellington region.

When: Probably November to be sure of getting a good solar cooking day, and to give those of us who are just beginners time to hone our skills (or beg, borrow, buy or build our solar cookers).

Why: Why not?

Who: You - if you like. It's still a while away, but if you think you might be interested in coming along, drop me a line via the comments section.

So far there are three of us interested. What do you think?


Nikki said...

Guess I'd better get into some researching then! Sounds a great plan.

Andrea said...

Ooo, yeah - sounds cool. And re. your next post - if you ever feel like building a cob cooker, can I help? Went to a cob building course a few years ago, but then we tested the soil on our site and it shrinks too much for cob :(

Johanna Knox said...

What sorts of things did you look at building on the cob building course Andrea?

Realistically we wouldn't have room for one in our backyard, but hey, you know what would be cool, would be to build one (or more) in a park or campsite ... like they put free-to-use bbqs around those places ...

That would be a great project. D'ya think the Wellington City Council (or regional council) would go for it?

(so many ideas, so little time ...)

Andrea said...

Well, we were wanting to build part of our house out of cob, but oh well. Turns out our soil is great for adobe bricks, so that's another option around here.

WCC and ideas involving unusual building techniques ... hmmm, good luck - we have found them incredibly conservative and risk averse. Well, if it is a project that doesn't require anything from the building consents division, it might be OK!